De La Mancha al Mundo

Everything ends

Last hours of the year.

2016 is over.

Last half of the year I’ve been biking trough the European continent.

It was July when I left the garage of the house in my hometown, Herencia, in the heart of the Don Quixote land, La Mancha. And yesterday night, I arrived to Athens

More than 6000km through France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Slovakia , Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece.

The final destination is New Zealand,  because it represents the Antipodes of that hometown, the place where I was born. So the difficult and challenging part is coming now. Winter is here and it’s getting interesting.


I want to thank to all open minded people I’ve found those months. Even before starting the trip unbelievable people come to me. Without the support of all this people I could not arrive to the place i’m right now.


Yesterday I made the last ride of the year. It was 90 amazing km. From Corintos to the center of Athens. An epic ride into a place where many epic journeys have ended and begun. And another day where chance encounters are met with an expected shrug and huge smile. Buying oranges at a fruit stand, two American friends pull up alongside, us last having met in a ramshackle cabin in Croatia almost a month ago.

Soon more adventures will come.

Wish you all the best for the new year.


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